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Solar power is clean. Producing electricity with solar energy generates zero emissions, protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink from harmful emissions and

pollution. Solar energy can also replace dirtier fossil fuels to reduce overall emissions from energy generation and mitigate impacts to the climate.

Zero Emissions

Producing electricity with solar panels generates zero emissions, protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink. The addition of solar adds energy options to diversify supply and lower overall energy costs, and does not replace local energy sources.

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Solar is the Cheapest Way
to Produce New Electricity

Solar is cost effective because the cost of the fuel source (the sun) is free. As the price of solar panels has gone down, the cost of solar

electricity has significantly decreased. In fact, solar energy is currently the lowest cost way to produce electricity.

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The Cost of Solar
Continues to Decline

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Similar to the Noise of a Babbling Brook


Solar farms are quiet neighbors. At the fence line, the sound from the onsite inverters is a 

minor hum – equivalent to the sound of a brook. Further offsite, no noise can be heard.

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