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Why Maricopa

The Origis Approach to Siting

Project sites are carefully chosen and located near existing energy infrastructure where they can best benefit the electric grid.


We take into consideration the area’s solar resources and potential environmental impacts, knowing we must find landowners who choose to sell or lease their land for the life of the project. 


Through careful planning and site engineering SOLAR FACILITIES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS.


Solar Resources

Maricopa County, and Arizona as a whole has significant 

sun resources. 



In Arizona, solar development is fueled by a 2006 standard mandating 15% renewable energy production.


Energy Infrastructure

The project features access to nearby transmission lines, which lowers the cost of the energy produced by the facility and allows the project to serve homes and businesses throughout the region.


Environmental Evaluation

Wetlands, streams and habitats for protected species are documented and carefully avoided.



If cultural resources are observed, sensitive artifacts are left untouched.


Eager Landowners

Engage large private property owners who are eager to lease or sell their land. 

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